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Hi, My name is Carmen Maendel


I am the owner and operator of Maendel Fitness and the founder of Rock Hard Body.


If you are struggling to lose weight, get healthier, feel better about yourself, have more energy, and want to unlock the secrets to your Rock Hard Body, I have something very special for you today!



Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have won the 

“genetic lottery”


Meaning they…


  •  Command the attention of people when they walk into a room
  • Have an excellent bill of health every time they visit the doctor
  •  Look like they spend hours working out in a gym daily
  • Have a never-ending supply of energy 
  •  Enjoy a multitude of different hobbies and activities


What every healthy & fit individual has in common...


What every healthy & fit individual has that allows them to accomplish so much without burnout is quite simple:


1. Solid productive goals and a life long health plan in place

2. Systems that help keep the focus on easy daily habits and fun routines


But I know what you are probably thinking, If it were just that simple than why do people struggle to lose weight and get healthy?” 


Because in addition to those daily habits and routines, there is a key component that so many people overlook.


It’s the glue that helps bind together those habits and routines


That one thing is fitness and nutrition education 


I tried all the "fad diets" with Zero success


I know how you feel about the frustration of not being able to lose weight and become healthy. After gaining more than the “Freshman 15” in college, I tried most of the fad diets to no avail! It was not until I realized that being fit and healthy did not require starving myself or following some ridiculous diet protocol. Being fit and healthy had to do with the knowledge that I learned about fitness and nutrition and how to apply it to my everyday life. 


This was a lightbulb moment for me and I realized that knowledge is power and the more I learned about fitness and nutrition, the more in control I felt about this sector of my life. I began putting into practice what I was reading about and started to see true transformation in my own body.


In 2016 I opened up Maendel Fitness and began sharing this knowledge with other women. I was so excited about this that I wanted to be able to share this knowledge and information that I had compiled over the last 20+ years with women that had similar struggles losing weight and getting healthy.


I have always had a passion for lifting up women, and it became my life long dream to share this knowledge with them through my one-on-one coaching. I used the information that I learned through my own body transformation to help 50+ Maendel Fitness clients achieve similar results. I realize that society places an enormous amount of pressure on people in this area:



We are expected to take care of our bodies and lead healthy lifestyles



This realization, combined with 20+ years of research and training 50+ women for the last six years, led to a specific system I created to help all the women that came to Maendel Fitness. I found 7 things that helped maximize my results with these fitness and nutrition clients:


  • Connecting Spiritual Health to Physical Health
  • Creating SMART Goals for Fitness & Nutrition
  • Weekly Fitness Tracking & Accountability
  • Fitness & Nutrition Education
  • Confidence Building & Self Affirmation
  • Ditching a Diet Mentality
  • Modeling Gym Exercises



Fitness & Nutrition Transformation


I have learned a tremendous amount about fitness and nutrition with 5 certifications and 6 years operating Maendel Fitness.

By having Specific Systems in place for my clients, I was able to maximize their results and the time it took to get there. 

My clients saw dramatic results in the following areas:

  • Improved Core Strength
  • Increased Cardiovascular Health
  • Increased Muscle Strength
  • Toned & Tightened Body
  • Decreased Waistline

Take Marya Halbach for example... 

And Many Other Women...

"I've lost 60 pounds & I want to thank you for your encouragement & support. I love your 80/20 philosophy & your commitment to exercise. I appreciate all the info you've given me, it has helped me live a much healthier, happy lifestyle & I feel so much better. I hope to continue this way for life!" Heather A.

"Never had a personal trainer before. Carmen is very knowledgable about health and fitness and is concerned about each client meeting their goals. I have been coming to Maendel Fitness since 2016 through 2022 and thoroughly enjoy it. She has carefully made all the adaptations and changes that need to be made for a COVID-19 friendly environment! I watch her wipe down all the surfaces of the gym, that were used, directly following each of my training sessions with her. Carmen is simply the best when it comes to a fitness and nutrition coach! I highly recommend her with five stars for all your fitness and nutritional needs!”  Marlyn D.

"Over the last year, Carmen has helped me to reach my goals. She is very thoughtful, and her personalized attention was focused specifically on what was right for me. When I first started my journey, I couldn’t even do a sit-up. My core strength has improved tremendously as well as my confidence was boosted. My clothes fit better, and I can now develop my own workouts. She helped motivate me to achieve another level of fitness. Carmen makes each workout fun and enjoyable, each session is full of variety and never the same as the previous one. She is professional and passionate about the work she does. I would recommend her to others that are looking for that personalized attention on their fitness journey. Each session I looked forward to our time together and now I have reached the ability to carry forward on my own. I will miss you! Thank you, Carmen Maendel, for helping me achieve my personal fitness goals!" Lynn S.

"Carmen is absolutely superb. She is attentive, cares about the client, and has been a pleasure to have. Despite the hectic year she has worked one on one with me in my goals, my vision, and given me the tools that I need to get there. She is knowledgable about the fitness field and does a commendable job at it. As a fitness coach she is exemplary. If you are looking for an upstanding coach, I would not recommend anyone else. She pushes you but also guides you. I haven't felt comfortable working out until I had her as my trainer. She wants you to succeed as much as yourself. She is not stranger to hard work and dedication. She is an inspiration to have making the goal results reality." 
Rose P. 


But then I realized something…


I was only able to help the women in my immediate Brainerd Lakes Area that lived close to Maendel Fitness. I really wanted to reach women all over the world and help them. 


So I decided to do something about it…



A repeatable step-by-step system designed to elevate your self-confidence, ditch your diet mentality and optimize your fitness abilities seeing tangible results within 12 weeks



Rock Hard Body Will Help You:


  • Connect your spiritual health to your physical health
  •  Create SMART Goals to help you reach your 12 week goals
  •  Identify any limiting factors keeping you from success
  • Properly execute Core, HIIT Cardio, & Strength Training Exercises
  •  Experience Closet and Food Freedom
  •  And much much more…


This Program Is For You If...


  • You are tired of figuring out health and fitness on your own
  • You are not able to lose weight and keep it off
  • You are tired of putting in extra hours at the gym and not seeing results
  • You have tried every diet out there and failed miserably
  • You are teachable and willing to learn new fitness and nutrition information
  • You are willing to put in the effort and follow the plan I give to you


If any of these resonate with you, Rock Hard Body will serve you immensely.


This Program Is Not For You If...


  • You have everything figured out about health and nutrition 
  • You are able to lose and maintain your weight on your own
  • You love to spend extra hours in the gym
  • You love being on a diet all the time
  • You are not teachable
  • Are not willing to put forth any effort or follow the plan I give to you
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"Carmen has such a great heart for what she does! Her love and passion to help people succeed at their goals is amazing!" Collette C.


"Carmen was great about meeting my needs. I have rheumatoid arthritis and when something was difficult for me she would modify it to fit my abilities. She will meet you where you are." Kathleen R. 


"Carmen makes working out fun! She radiates positive encouragement and high energy. I appreciate her respect for and trust in me to know my limitations and allows me to modify the work out to where I am physically." Phyllis R.

Rock Hard Body is focused on 4 areas


Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn in the course


Envision a Better You (Lessons 1-2)

  • Learn how your spiritual health directly connects to your physical health
  • Experience the power of journaling your thoughts and feelings
  • Discover how prayer can dramatically transform your life
  • Learn how to properly establish your body baseline

Embrace Your Fitness Journey (Lessons 3-6)

  • Learn how to transform your body through goal setting and execution
  • Discover what blocks you from attaining your fitness and nutrition goals
  • Build confidence, courage and assurance within yourself
  • Start implementing better eating habits & living a much healthier lifestyle

Optimize Your Fitness Abilities & Results (Lessons 7-9)

  • Learn the incredible benefits to having a strong core
  • Discover secret exercises to strengthen your core and entire body
  • Learn about a specific type of cardio that saves you time and energy
  • How to best tone and sculpt your muscles with or without lifting weights

Transform into a Better Version of Yourself (Lessons 10-12)

  • Learn how to eat and work out in order to maximize your fat loss
  • Execute positive habits and fun daily routines
  • Learn the secret to eating whatever/whenever and still lose weight
  • Learn the incredible art of balance in your fitness journey


Plug & Play Action Steps Included


These are your homework assignments and are intended to be used in conjunction with the lessons - they will give you clear step-by-step actions to build on each lesson.


By following these detailed steps, you can’t fail. You just need to put in the effort.


Remember this, it does take effort and trial and error to create a system that works for you. Once you get this in place, it makes accomplishing your goals so much easier!


Again, people are not effectively taught information about fitness and nutrition. However, we are expected to take care of our bodies and lead healthy lifestyles!


I personally charge $10,000 for one-on-one annual fitness and nutrition clients to come to our gym twice a week for 1 hr 15 min training sessions and 1 hr of Spa Time.


I wanted to create an online self-paced program with curriculum that would help my students learn about fitness and nutrition and apply this knowledge to their lives.


With my mission to serve as many women as possible, you won’t pay $10,000. You won’t even pay $5,000.


When you sign up today, you’ll get instant access to the entire Rock Hard Body course for one easy payment of $497

Get Rock Hard Body For Only $497

Don’t Forget: This Investment is Risk-Free


I believe that Rock Hard Body is the perfect program for women that want to learn about fitness and nutrition and apply it to their lives. I believe that if you follow this program consistently you will see the results you desire. However, if you enroll, test out the curriculum, and feel it is not a good fit for you; I’m giving a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.


That’s right: Go through the entire course, test out all the curriculum, and apply it to your everyday life. If you aren’t completely satisfied in the first 60 days, send me an email and I will refund you immediately.


No questions asked: we part as friends.


If Rock Hard Body doesn’t work for you. I’d much rather that you keep your money and invest it where you will be happier and get results. I just want you to be able to live a happier and healthier life!

Because I truly want to see you succeed at working out smarter than harder; I am going to sweeten this deal.


When you join today, I’m including these bonuses…


Bonus #1 - MFC Guru Grocery List ($200 value)


  • Includes a list of all the recommended healthy foods itemized under each vitamin and mineral 
  • Helpful tool used to identify and bridge the gaps between nutrient deficiencies 
  • I've done the grocery shopping for you


This will help you shop in the grocery store and determine what foods you and your family may need to add and/or increase in your daily diet


Bonus #2 - MFC Phenomenal Fitness Library (Without Equipment) ($500 value)


  • Complete set of CORE, HIIT CARDIO, & STRENGTH TRAINING home workouts 
  • Clear and concise instructions of how to perform each exercise


You will find that these exercises are easy to perform at home with no equipment necessary


Bonus #3 - MFC Phenomenal Fitness Library (With Equipment) ($1,000 value)


  • Complete set of CORE, HIIT CARDIO, & STRENGTH TRAINING gym workouts
  • Clear and concise instructions of how to perform each exercise


You will find that these are extremely handy for you to pack up and take with you to the gym or use with your home gym


Bonus #4 - MFC Tasty & Savory Cookbook ($200)


  • Mini cookbook with delicious healthy recipes
  • Includes recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert


You will find that these are healthy easy recipes that the whole family will enjoy together

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So here is what you are getting with the Rock Hard Body program:


  • All 23 fitness and nutrition core lessons with over 4 hrs of in-depth, step-by-step training in both audio and PDF versions ($6,700 value)
  • Downloadable content of audio versions, PDF slides, and action steps with each lesson ($500 value)
  •  BONUS: The MFC Guru Grocery List helping you shop, determine vitamin & mineral deficiencies, and bridge those gaps for a healthier life style ($200 value)
  •  BONUS: The MFC Phenomenal Fitness Library (without equipment) helping you perform CORE, HIIT CARDIO, and STRENGTH TRAINING exercises from the comfort of your home without any gym equipment needed ($500 value)
  •  BONUS: The MFC Phenomenal Fitness Library (with equipment) helping you maximize and organize all your gym workouts (can be used with home gym as well) ($1,000 value)
  •  BONUS: The MFC Tasty & Savory Cookbook helping you plan and create healthy delicious meals that the whole family will love ($100 value)


Total value for this amazing bundle = $9,000


If all this did was…


If all this program did was help you lose 15 pounds and feel better about yourself would it be worth it?


If all this program did was help you feel more confident and poised at social gatherings and public settings would it be worth it?


And if all this program did was help you develop healthier eating and workout habits and reach your ultimate fitness goals wouldn’t it be worth it?


You get access to all of this for one easy payment of $497

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"Just wanted to thank my friend Carmen Maendel for her expertise, encouragement, and the weekly work out sessions together! As a doctor of physical therapy who practices for Essentia Health in the Brainerd Lakes area, I highly recommend Maendel Fitness and everything that Carmen has to offer in the area of fitness and health. Carmen's emphasis on goal setting, tailoring of an individualized exercise program, and her wholeheartedness desire to help her clients succeed makes her an excellent choice with regard to achieving a higher level of fitness. I have enjoyed collaborating with Carmen regarding exercise regimens, biomechanics, fitness, diet, health, and research and look forward to continuing to support her work going forward!" Hannah D.


You’re Seconds Away…


Once you log into your member’s area, you will have access to the entire Rock Hard Body program so you can start watching video trainings immediately.


Again, you can log into your private member’s area anytime, anyplace, and using any device. All you need is an internet connection.


Oh by the way, when you invest in the course today, you will have life-time access to this material - even if I make updates to it.


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"Maendel Fitness "invests" into each client personally. No matter what the challenge, body type, emotional state, or circumstance, Carmen's knowledge and expertise with health, fitness, and nutrition will bless you beyond your expectations. She has been the hugest blessing to us and especially our teen-age daughter who is passionate for strength training. Carmen has been an incredible role model both in the gym where she constructs high impact and innovative daily workouts specifically tailored to each client and as a health / wellness coach. She mentors the "whole person" both spiritually and mentally and is never afraid to reference God's Word for inspiration. Carmen's training program has not only produced visible physical results in strength training for our daughter, but more importantly.....we have watched our daughter's own self image, self-worth and self-confidence blossom in the past 6 months! Thank you Carmen for the sacrifices you make for each one of your clients just like us." Heather L.



There are 2 types of people…


Some people are doing everything they can to try to lose weight and get healthy & fit (and getting little results for their effort).


Other people create a system that allows them to eat whatever they want whenever they want and still lose weight, spend less time in the gym, and burn fat while they sleep.


Which is more appealing to you?


Right now, many of us do not have the tools or knowledge to attain our ultimate fitness goals. We try the next fad diet, look for shortcuts by taking pills, and even consider liposuction just to find ourselves back to where they were a year later.


But is does not have to be this way!


When you learn how simple fitness and nutrition really is, you will create a structure to apply to your life, and you can start working out smart and not just hard. You will feel gorgeous as you reflect on the stunning mirror image staring back at you.

Imagine a year from today…


 Imagine a year from today you have a solid workout and nutrition plan, you can't help but smile when you stand on the scale, and you have closet and food freedom. You finally fit into your favorite jeans you thought you would never fit into again.


You start each day knowing exactly when your workout time is and have a meal plan in place. You arrive at the next family reunion and everyone barely even recognizes the new you! You glance over and see your husband smiling ear to ear. He is so proud of you. You feel all lit up inside and literally feel like you can conquer the world.


You are focused on meeting and surpassing your fitness and nutrition goals and you wake up each day with renewed energy to achieve them!


This kind of life is possible and is exactly what I teach you in Rock Hard Body!


You can absolutely do this even if you feel like your genetics are working against you.


All body types are beautiful and all body types CAN lose weight given the right fitness and nutrition information. Combine that with a structured approach and you have a winning combination!


Your fitness and nutrition success is yours alone! Set your goals, claim them, and go get them!


Join Rock Hard Body today and let’s change the world one beautiful woman at a time!


Click the button below and join the multitude of women that have come before you who have already achieved a Rock Hard Body using this program!


To your success,





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  • 23 Videos
  • Instructional Workout Videos
  • Downloadable PDF Slides
  • High - Quality Audio Files
  • Downloadable Content Included with the Lesson
  • MFC Guru Grocery List
  • MFC Phenomenal Fitness Library (without equipment)
  • MFC Phenomenal Fitness Library (with equipment)
  • MFC Tasty & Savory Cookbook