Uncategorized Feb 22, 2023

This is Ninja, our sweet fur baby, and part of our Maendel Family since about 2012. Even though his name is Ninja, he really is more like a "Garfield" and acts way more like a dog than a cat! He is a 20 pound black kitty in the winter and slims down to about 12 pounds during the summer when he is way more active outside.

I can remember about 12 years ago when we first adopted him from a family that had to move quickly and could not take him with them. They had a son about our son's age and I knew he was raised as a kitten in a warm and wonderful home.

They put him on FB and without even thinking about it I asked if we could please take him in. Ninja gives hugs, rides around on Nate's and Josh's shoulders, and rubs his face in your face. He is never close enough and loves to snuggle! We love him very much and has been "home" ever since!

All our clients over the last seven years know Ninja quite well. He greets them at the door, trots down to the gym to visit during trainings occasionally, and if he really loves you; will come running leaps and bounds across the backyard to see you when you visit our home!

Carmen ❤️


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