Uncategorized Feb 28, 2023
We so love hanging out with our church family whether it is worshiping our Lord together, praying for one another, a meal together, small group, cookouts, playing sports (volleyball, softball, hiking, and broomball), playing board games, or just watching the football game and fellowshipping together! We feel so incredibly blessed to have these amazing people as part of our close circle of friends!
Broomball has become a fairly popular go to after church on Sundays. Bobby and  Carol have been so kind to open up their home and pond for us to play on! I have learned a few things now that it is coming up on my 6th time playing broomball this winter season: 1) dress warmly with layers 2) wear snow pants because the ice is slick and falling down is part of the fun 3) look out for the ones that wear all the hockey pads and gear, they mean business 4) wear a hat that covers my ears and sometimes two layers of gloves (we are talking about Minneswowta here LOL) and lastly 5) no one in our church family is the least bit competitive wink wink 😉 LOL!
Anyone else out there a fan of broomball? 🙂
Looking forward to our next match on the ice...
Carmen ❤️

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